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2017 Montana Legislative Session

Several bills could impact the future of the Colstrip Power Generating Station. If you are a Montana legislator and would like more information, feel free to connect with us to learn more. Contact here >>>

HB 22 - Appropriating money to the Montana Department of Justice to assist in participating in proceedings before out-of-state utility or regulatory commissions that address the future of coal-fired generation facilities in Montana.

Bill Number: HB 22

Primary Sponsor: Jim Keane (D) HD 73

SB 338 - Colstrip Decommissioning Bill

Bill Number: SB 338

Primary sponsor: Duane Ankney  (R) SD 20

SB 339 - Colstrip Remediation Bill

Bill Number: SB 33

Primary Sponsor: Duane Ankney (R) SD 20

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Senate Bill 338 is opposed by a broad representation of Montana voices. Read why here.>>>
There are a host of myths related to SB 338. Get the facts on SB 338 here.>>>
Learn more about SB 338 here.>>
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